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    A session in the new Dr. Müller Beauty Light Therapy device provides a unique combination of three beneficial light sources for rejuvenating, smoothing and detoxifying your skin.

    This scientifically proven therapy ensures to give you a healthier and younger looking appearance. Plus it will make you feel energized.

    Experience a unique way of improving your health, skin and beauty.

Collagenic lightMore information

Collagenic light

633 Nanometers

  • - Rejuvenation and anti-ageing
  • - Diminish lines and fine wrinkles
  • - Reduces deposits of cellulite
  • - Oxygenation and detoxification
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Bright Skin LightMore information

Bright Skin Light

532 Nanometers

  • - Decreases production of melanin

  • - Reduction of pigment

  • - Decreases age spots and freckles

  • - Helps wound healing

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Blue Skin lightMore information

Blue Skin light

415 Nanometers

  • - Effective acne treatment

  • - Kills bacteria

  • - Smoothens skin
  • - Calms and soothes skin
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Discover Beauty Light Therapy

Dr.Müller has combined Collagenic Light, Bright Skin Light and Blue Skin Light in one device.

The ideal combination of 18 Collagen lamps, 15 Bright Skin lamps and 15 Blue Skin lamps ensures an effective method to profit from all the benefits that colour light therapy can bring.

During your session, you can enjoy listening to music and / or activate the VibraPlate for extra stimulation of blood circulation and exercising effect.

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