Beauty Light Therapy device specifications

Total lamps:
– 18 x Collagenic Light 200W E-Tronic
– 15 x Bright Skin Light 200W E-Tronic
– 15 x Blue Skin Light 200W E-Tronic

IQ Touch Control
– Age Control
– TopCooler
– Rainbow Manager
– VibraPlate
– Music Pro
– Wellness Sound
– Voice Guide
– Bluetooth
– Handles
– Air extraction hose

– Airco
– Breeze + Aroma
– Changing Cubicle
– Electronic Ballasts
– Ultrasun Manager
– Paytronic
– Wireless Management System

Colour Options:
– Dream White Metallic
– Ferrari Red Metallic

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Starter program


Two to three sessions of 12 minutes per week, and for 10 to 12 consecutive weeks. It is preferred to spread the two to three sessions in the Beauty Light Therapy device evenly over the week. This initial program has been developed in order to achieve the utmost result from the three beneficial light sources. It is therefore our advice that you complete this starters program.

Maintenance program

One session of 12 minutes per week in the Beauty Light Therapy device. It is advised when you have finished the starter program that you follow the maintenance program in order to maintain the result achieved with the starter program. Let the beauty light therapy be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Instructions for usage

•  Follow the recommendations concerning
the exposure duration and exposure intervals.

•  Remove cosmetics well in advance.

•  Undress to expose as much of your skin to the light

•  It is not necessary to use goggles during a session. But for comfort purposes because of the bright light, we recommend to use a goggle during a session.