1. Who is Dr. Müller? 
Dr. Müller is a renowned manufacturer of innovative devices for the professional beauty market. The history of Dr. Müller goes all the way back to 1926, when Dr. Ing. Felix Müller (1900-1975) founded the ‘Quartzlampenfabrik’ in Essen, Germany. The company produced infrared and UV devices for medical use.
In 1956, Dr. Müller pioneered the first tanning system for the consumer market. The small, portable UV lamp was an instant success in this unexplored market. Soon the company took it one step further, and in 1976 the first commercial tanning system was introduced.
From 2008, Dr. Müller has become a full member of the Ultrasun group with brands like Ultrasun and Sunfit. This combination plus professional production and distribution ensures Dr. Müller to be a very strong brand and partner in the worldwide beauty market. Nowadays the Dr. Müller brand consists of a complete range of Collagenic and Beauty Light Therapy devices, lamps and accessories. All UV-free and with a main focus on serving the Beauty and Wellness market.

2. What is Beauty Light Therapy?

Beauty Light Therapy improves the skin of every individual with the help of light. During the treatment, users enjoy a comfortable warm session while listening to their own smartphone music. Depending on the options, fresh aqua can be sprayed on the body while you smell the fresh ocean simultaneously. When skin is being improved, the Vibraplates ensures health benefits. Beauty Light Therapy is wellness, beauty and health in one.

3. What makes Beauty Light Therapy unique?
Dr. Müller combines 3 different types of beauty light simultaneously to treat the entire body, from face to toe.
The Red, Blue and Green lights are scientifically proven to improve the skin. The combination of the three unique beauty lights result in a healthier, younger looking appearance. Because of the wellness feeling you will feel relaxed and energized as well. The entire treatment is cosmetic-, laser- and surgery free and the light is also UV-free.

4. What are the benefits of Beauty Light Therapy for your beauty?

The red collagenic light rejuvenates the skin to give it a younger appearance. The green bright skin light reduces the amount of pigment in the skin to get a lighter skin tone. The blue skin light kills bacteria in the skin resulting in a smooth, calm and clear skin. The VibraPlates improves muscle strength and decreases cellulite.

5. What are the benefits of Beauty Light Therapy for your health?

– Stimulation of collagen production in the skin.
– Improved blood circulation because of the Vibraplate.
– Increases weight loss by calorie burning.
– Higher levels of Serotonin: This hormone makes you feel happy.
– Kills bacteria’s on the skin.
– Helps wound healing.

6. Has scientific research been performed about Beauty Light Therapy?

Yes, doctors all over the world, inter alia Korea, Germany, USA and Japan studied the three different types of light we have combined in our Beauty Light Therapy device extensively. For all the scientific research about Collagenic light, please click here. For Bright Skin Light click here and for the research about Blue Skin Light click here.

7. Is a session in the Beauty Light Therapy device safe?

Yes, the light is safe for the skin, eyes and entire human body. It is UV free. The three types of beauty light emitting within 415 and 633 nanometer. This is the same spectrum as regular day light, however it is made more intense to get the beauty results on the skin. It is proven that the light is safe for the human body and there are no known side effects. Beauty Light Therapy is medical-, surgery- and pain free.

8. Why is Beauty Light Therapy more effective than creams?

The light penetrates deeper into the skin, it reaches the dermis layer of the skin, stimulating cells to produce collagen again ‘from the inside’. Creams stay at the epidermis layer of the skin and are therefore unable to rejuvenate the skin itself. This also goes for the brightening, anti-pigment effect in the bottom layer of the epidermis. To see how the light works, click here for Collagenic Light, here for Brigh Skin Light and here for Blue Skin Light.

9. Why is Beauty Light Therapy more effective than LED light treatment?

Because the light of beauty light therapy contains more energy and is stronger than LED lights. Every lamp has a 200 Watt output, resulting in 9600 Watt in total, whereas  a single LED has 1-5 Watt on average. Therefore the lamps have a bigger distance to the skin resulting in a full body treatment, where LED lights are only effective for a small body part.

10. What is the difference with laser therapy?

Beauty Light Therapy treats the entire body, where laser therapy is only focusing on a small part. Enjoying beauty light therapy will give you a wellness feeling while your skin gets a more beautiful appearance at the same time. Beauty light therapy is surgery- and pain free.

11. Do I need to use any creams in combination with Beauty Light Therapy?

This is not necessary. However to get short term instant results we advise to use Dr. Müller Bodylift after a light therapy session. The Collagenic Bodylift elixir by Dr. Müller is a non-greasy formula with a light fragrance enriched with Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, which deeply moisturizes, relaxes and renews your skin leaving you tightened, velvety soft and rejuvenated.

12. What are the results after the first session in the Beauty Light Therapy?

Users might feel a tightening skin during a session, especially on the arms. They feel the skin tightening.  Your skin will feel soft, moist and supple. Your muscles will feel relaxed.

13. Why can my skin be red after the first session?

Because of the warm and relaxed temperature during a session blood comes to the surface of the skin, just as when you exercise. After a couple of minutes, the redness goes away as the body cools down again.

14. Can I take a shower after the sessions?

Yes, this will not affect the results in any way. You can also take a shower before a session, since this will clean the skin and makes the light to its job even better.

15. When will I see beauty results?

Beauty results will be different per user, since everybody’s skin is individual and different. After 4-7 sessions beauty results will become visible. A healthy lifestyle contributes to the beauty results. Therefore Dr. Müller recommend to:
– Eat healthy (vitamins, minerals, low fat and enough fibers)
– Exercise regularly
– Sleep 8 hours a day
– Do not smoke
– Do not drink alcoholic drinks

16. How long will results last?

The results after the starter program will last for 30-90 days, depending on your lifestyle. Therefore it is advised to remain taking beauty light therapy sessions once a week after the starter program has been completed.

17. Why do I need to continue  after 30 sessions?

Just as you keep on doing exercising after weight loss (you do not want to gain weight again), Dr. Müller recommends to continue taking one session per week after you have finished the starter program. This to maintain beauty light therapy results.

18. How many sessions do I need?

Our advice is to fulfill the starter program of 3 sessions per week for 10 consecutive weeks.
After the starter program, 1 session minimum per week is advised.

19. What is the maximum time per session?

There is no maximum session time as the light is harmless to the body. However the results have been studied with 12 minutes session time.

20. Can I enjoy sunshine during treatment?

Yes. Every human being needs sunlight. We humans evolved due to sunlight. It is the basis of life on earth. Therefore we advise to get a healthy doses sunshine daily to receive Vitamin D. However, if you are planning to take Beauty Light Therapy sessions in order to brighten your skin, decrease the time that you are exposed to sunlight, since the results of Bright Skin light and UV light are conflicting.

21. Is BLT also good to treat muscular pain?

Yes. Beauty Light Therapy warms up the muscles, making them souple again. It reliefs pain and helps against stiffness. The use of the Vibraplate will also relieve muscular pains.

22. Can I use Beauty Light Therapy when having a sensitive skin?

In general yes, however if you have a severe skin conditions, Dr. Müller advises to consult your doctor / dermatologist first before taking a session.

23. Does Beauty Light Therapy have any side effects? 

There are no known negative side effects as the emitted light is UV free and harmless to the body.

24. Can I take Beauty Light Therapy sessions during pregnancy and breast feeding?

Due to temperature, it is advised in general not to take a session during pregnancy and breast feeding. However the light itself does not affect your unborn baby.

25. Can I take Beauty Light Therapy sessions when I have a pacemaker?

Dr. Müller advises to ask a doctor about the use of an electronic device.

26. Can I enjoy a Beauty Light Therapy session when I have low blood pressure?

Yes. If you have low blood pressure Dr. Müller advises to eat healthy and drink enough water (at least 0,5 liter) 30 minutes prior to the session. Of course if you do not feel well prior to a session, we advise you to postpone the session.

27. What is the temperature during a session?

The temperature depends on the surrounding room temperature and air circulation / ventilation options in the room. When you start a session, the temperature inside in the Beauty Light Therapy device is similar to the room where it is located. Once the machine has been turned on, the lamps warm up and therefore temperature rises to a relaxing 30 to 36 degrees Celsius.

28. What are the benefits of the Vibraplate?

– Decreases blood pressure.
– Increases blood circulation, oxygenation and flushes toxins.
– Train your muscles and tendons.
– Increase bone density.
– Stabilize your entire body and strengthen your spine.
– Increase your energy levels.
– Increase weight loss by burning calories.
– Relax and recharge yourself.

29. Can I put the VibraPlate off?

The VibraPlate is set standardly as not activated. The user decides to turn it on and chooses the intensity, duration or one of the pre-set training programs.

30. Can I use the VibraPlate when I have IUD?

You can take Beauty Light Sessions without a problem, but we advise to consult a doctor about this before you activate the VibraPlate during a session.

31. Do Beauty Light Therapy sessions affect your hair colour?

No, Beauty Light Therapy does affect the colour of your skin, making it brighter and more evenly toned. Your hair colour may normally change due to exposure to ultraviolet light, for example blond hair becoming even lighter in summer. But UV light is not being emitted by any of the three lamps in the Beauty Light Therapy device, therefore your hair colour will not be affected.

32. Do I need to wear eye protection during a Beauty Light Therapy sessions?

As the light emitted by the three lamps in the Beauty Light Therapy device is harmless to your body, and thus also is harmless to your eyes, this is not mandatory. However for comfort purposes a lot of users do use a special goggle to cover their eyes against the brightness of the lamps.

33. What is the price?

The Beauty Light Therapy is a one of a kind treatment. The prices for the devices depends of the extra features, transport costs and local costs like import and taxes. The prices for customers vary in beauty salons, spas and gyms. For more information about return on investments and prices per treatment, please contact us via our contact form. Dr. Muller is well-known in the market for our  good price quality ratios for German quality machines.

34. Do I have to remove my make-up before a session?

Yes, it is advised to remove your make-up in advance. Simply because the light penetrates the skin the best when the skin is clean.

35. Can I use more than 3 sessions per week?

Yes, however in general 3 times per week is advised because the proven benefits have been studied with 3 times per week used for 10 consecutive weeks.

36. Can I use only green or blue or red light?

No, because it is the combination of these three types of light that is needed to receive the beauty result that are so unique for the entire body.

37. What is the minimum required age to take a Beauty Light Therapy session?

There is no strict minimum age. Dr. Müller advises to start using Beauty Light Therapy around the age of 16-18 years to stay young and healthy forever. The Beauty Light Therapy should be an integral part of everybody’s lifestyle when you care about your health, beauty and self-esteem.

38. My question has not been answered yet.
Your skin is as individual as you are. Therefore it may be possible that you have concerns about taking a Beauty Light Therapy session or questions regarding a session that you would like to discuss. Please use the contact form at this website to inform us so we can assist you with providing an answer.